Below is a selection of videos involving Parental Equality

Listen to the pre divorce Ireland (c.1995) debate. Look out for Adrian Hardiman (Then barrister, now Supreme Court Judge), Emily O'Reilly (Then journalsit now Ombudsman), Mary O'Toole Barrister, Liam Ó Gógain PE, Peter Farrell father

Distraught Father sets himself ion fire in front of  Solicitor Offices

Alan Beirne and Norman Newell of Parental Equality introduce the successful Shared Parenting programme, a six step training programme designed specifically to assist separated couples to collaborate together in a productive way to impliment a sustainable parenting plan for raising their children in a mutually respectful way. This presentation was given to the event at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland on Fathers Day 15th of June 2008. The programme which was delivered over six nights, once a week in a traditional lecture manner had limitations of geographical and time restrictions.

This presentation by Liam Ó Gógáin chairman of http://www.parentalequality was given at the event in the RDS in Dublin Ireland on Father's Day 15th June 2008 The presentation reviews the present emergent societal problems that can re connected to family/relationship breakdown, to sole custody and lack of father involvement. It presents the culture of Joint Custody and shared parenting, both within a happy relationship and after breakup as a win-win solution for all stakeholders.

This Video takes you through downloading and filling in the Statutory SI5 Form for an Unmarried Father in Ireland to become a Guardian of his child

Family Court Hell – Mark Harris interview Posted on September 6, 2013 by Danny Browne Hear for yourself the incredible story of Mark Harris’ Family Court Hell and the contempt the Family Courts have towards Fathers who just want to be Fathers after divorce and see their contact orders the courts have imposed complied with. Family Court Hell – Mark Harris interview

John Waters delivers Father's Day "Reality Cards" to Easons, Ireland

That Bitch Dundalk FM 100 via Liam Ó Gógáin John Waters on ‘Discrimination Against Men’ 5 years ago

Parental Equality Legacy 1 2018 Radio re Child Maintenance Liam O'Gogain
2018 Liam O'Gogain on Radio talking about Child maintenance